2016-12-12 08:39:34

Święty Mikołaj w Szpitalu


2016-11-28 09:46:34

„Twoje zdrowie w Twoich rękach – Moda na zdrowie”

W dniu 24.11.2016 Dyrektor  Jadwiga Karcz zorganizowała w Specjalistycznym Szpitalu Ortopedyczno-Rehabilitacyjnym „Górka” spotkanie edukacyjne dla dzieci pt. „Twoje zdrowie
w Twoich rękach – Moda na zdrowie”. 


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How to get

How to get in the hospital ?

The treatment for all insured patients is free.

To get in the hospital the patient should have valid note to our hospital from the family doctor.

The date of admission should be confirmed by the secretary of the hospital.
Other possible services accessible in the hospital are:
consultations of the children in problematic cases and paid treatment for the patients without valid admission note.

For the people living abroad, who would like to receive more informations about hospital or contact with us in the future most important information is that the staff of the hospital speaks English, German and Russian.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Our staff is ready to help you!